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About me


After receiving a Masters in History at the VU University of Amsterdam,  I worked for more than twenty years at the Anne Frank House and for different WWII related organizations.


I'm the author of several books, including the bestselling Anne Frank Beyond the Diary, and have participated in many projects about Anne Frank, the Holocaust and World War II, both in Europe and the USA.


Projects I have worked on have received international awards, for instance the German State Prize for Youth Literature , the Christopher Award and an Academy Award (Best Documentary Feature).


Over the past few years I've extensively researched the history of Merwedeplein and the neighborhood, consulted many archives, and interviewed many survivors and eyewitnesses who lived on and around the square prior to and during WWII. The book Anne Frank was not alone Merwedeplein 1933-1945, based on my in-depth research has been released by the Dutch publishing house Prometheus in 2019. It has been published in Japanese in 2022 by Misuzu Shobo Publishers.

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